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So finally, Trump wins!. Hillary Clinton gets the political footballs red card and is OUT!


Above: “Face of Defeat” Clinton capitulates

Contrary to most media controlled opinion polls and despite sophisticated election result simulations and most forecasts from so called experts, despite of all of the early choices for the most powerful political position in the world, the winner is the man outside of politics.

My 10 and 14 year old’s, have followed Trump for most of their life, having been subjected to the very early episodes of “The Apprentice”, back in 2004-2005, but tonight, was not for the kids and the stakes could not have been higher.

Having spent warm Wednesday evening in my hotel room placed firmly in the middle of the Democratic “Blue Firewall”, I ventured out deep into San Diego downtown, to absorb what was shaping up to be the most exciting election of my lifetime. With my dummy name tag pinned on (given to me by someone few days earlier in Vegas) proudly displaying on my shirt – Andrew Ochudzawa – “I Voted” I curiously stepped out to one of the many San Diego bars to follow the election action.


Above: “Trump Now” banner on a navy ship around San Diego bay – by Andrew Ochudzawa

Donald Trump has for a long time been saying that the surveys are underestimated, that the people are afraid to admit to voting for him, and reveal the true extent of support before the election – as was the case with Brexit. And, this is exactly what happened. The successor to Barack Obama had many times announced that the road to the White House will be led through a series of victories in the general, by voters at the Democratic industrial states affected by globalization and the outflow of jobs. Trumps rhetoric that hard negotiated trade agreements with China would win votes for Trump resulted with masses abandoning the democratic establishment of white workers. We won’t know exactly who voted for Trump, but in the main, it is the decisive victory of the industrial Pennsylvania and Ohio that gave Trump the White House.


Above: “Actual Moment” It was an election night, like no other – by Andrew Ochudzawa

The Trump presidency, for many observers, is scary and shocking. Election night was like a horror show with many, myself included, on an edge to the very end. I watched in disbelief as Clintons representative came out and told faithful supporters to go home, that the results would not be known tonight – how wrong ware they!

The question that everyone is asking is whether Trump is the beginning of a new trend in American and indeed world politics? Is it a retreat from the achievements of the movement for civil rights, women’s movements, and rights for sexual minorities? Is it the beginning of a new great closing of America? The end of the US as the “enlightenment” project?  I hope that Trump can navigate through all of this and show that smart, business-like management of economy and country as a whole, can exists outside of the old and predictable political elites and without bending too much to the left.

With Trumps win, we are entering the unknown. But I’m excited to see someone outside of the establishment, consider calmly what actually needs to happen to make America Great – Again.

By: Andrew Ochudzawa

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