Why DOW’s @ 20,000 Points + Markets and the Media When It Comes to Donald Trump

Why DOW's @ 20,000 Points by Andrew Ochudzawa

On Wednesday, the equity markets expired in a triumphant mood. The US Dow Jones index for the first time in history exceeded 20,000 points, while other markets followed the suit with many raising to new, near-record-braking levels.

Equally good mood can now be seen at many European markets. The stock market in Frankfurt rose 1.7% in Paris by 1.1% in Madrid, 1.9%, and in Athens by 2.1%. On one hand, this global improvement reflects a positive business sentiment fueled by a rebirth of hope and that the policy of the new administration of President Donald Trump will lead to faster economic growth. On the other side, the growth is also fueled (in part) by a better than expected company quarterly reports, recently reflected on Wall Street.

In many cases, stock markets have also been helped by final realisation and now materialization of earlier trading visions, that the market must soon exceed the DJIA index barrier of 20,000 points. Although this is only a psychological resistance, the defeat of this resistance can be regarded as a signal to buy shares. However, like anything in life and while we all follow the undisputed rules of physics, eventually what comes up – must one day come down. While I’m cautious about this situation (the possibly short/mid-term blip on the economic radar), it’s hard to contain the excitement of the amazing change fueling US and in turn, global economy.

But, while I and many others are excited about the future, the politically charged US mainstream media keeps adding fuel to the fire by suggesting doomsday for US and global economy. There is way too much hatred between mainstream media and the Trump administration, the many unresolved point scoring issues and the many straight out lies, dominating daily news cycles. One of the best summaries I have read this morning was done during the Common-Sense program by Neil Cavuto from the US Fox News program. Transcript from the program below.

By: Andrew Andrzej Ochudzawa

“What is the difference between the Markets and the Media when it comes to Donald Trump? –  Well, one trades up on what he says and one talks down what he said. One is making money betting on what he is doing, the other still trying to make sense of what he is doing.

DOW up 9.5% since Trump election Andrew Ochudzawa

One is seeing Green, the other is seeing red.

mainstream Media view of the market as red Andrew Ochudzawa

It is as if the mainstream media just cannot get Trump, so they continue to fight the same old battle going after trump – Now, that is consistent, as are their inconsistencies, like saying that there is Zero evidence in widespread voter fraud in the last election, but apparently, plenty of evidence that Russians have hacked that election.

Putin and trump media spin Andrew Ochudzawa

I guess this means Zero evidence voter fraud effected the election results, but zero doubt that Russians likely did effected those election results. So, hint (from mainstream) that the Russians may have altered the outcome, but unequivocally dismissed that the fake voting, may have been part of the outcome.

Whatever suits your case, or your bias. Question of whether Trump would accept the results of that election, before the votes have been casted, because you had your doubts, don’t even bother asking Hilary Clinton the same question, because you had no doubt, calling these different sets of facts “lies”, when it comes to judging the size of the crowds that was present, but there was nothing short of an innocent oversight when you overlooked the Martin Luther king bust in the office of this president.

Martin Luther King-bust-Oval-Office-Andrew Ochudzawa

No, no, no….Your facts are reliable, his are not, his skin’s thin, when he has a nerve to question your reporting – you’re not, when you have the nerve to question his questioning in your reporting. He’s a lose cannon, you’re just lose with the facts, he botches things on the 1st day in the Whitehouse, you not, when you say he would never make it to the Whitehouse. He’s petty when he calls you out on what you got wrong and calls it ‘Fake News’ – You’re Not!, when you report in saying that – it still insists in saying that you just “reporting the news”. So the New York Times can say “Trump Lies” on its front page, but Hilary Clinton, just “evolves”, explaining any position on any page.

Hillary Clinton Message is evolving Andrew Ochudzawa

Donald Trump’s crowds are crass and loud, but million women march-a-crowd are ‘brave’ and ‘virtuous’. SO you’ve all seen the reports “He’s a clown”, even though its your reporting that’s became a joke. He is too wrapped up in grudges, while you seem the one intent on settling the old scores, he won’t cut you braids… so you won’t cut him slack. Who’s small? – The media who is firing the shots or the President who is calling the shots? Look, you are free not to buy his facts, but you are not free to pick and choose your own facts. Just like you are free to go after his excuses, no, no..not your own, his are doozies, you make it delirious because as bad as some of his pole numbers look, yours look worse. All of the media, much worst, trust me – he is no saint, but you guys are hardly without a sin, because words matter, just like you insist crowds matter, but when you say “his don’t measure up” , even though during the campaign they ware breaking records, yet you never, ever brought it up.  NO, he’s reckless, you are righteous, his executive orders are overreaching, his predecessors ware “underreported”, face it, say it! – You hate this President..Scream out, admit it, you loved the last president, it’s OK – that guy, could almost do no wrong, this one, just about nothing right. You are free not to like it, so quit being shocked! when he doesn’t like you. Even he has the height to say, even crudely – You are just sneakier, faking it.  That’s why, for the moment, investors are buying his story, which is their way of saying He is a Buy, You are a Sell. Which is why they are shorting you! -I think its their way to say, they see no value at all in you – Kills it, doesn’t it? ” – end of transcript – For more comments from  follow the link.

DJIA Market Rally on Trump Presidency Andrew Ochudzawa

Above. DJIA Market Rallies as Donald J Trump becomes elected and announces major reforms.

djia history Andrew Ochudzawa

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