The European Car Invasion

The Opportunities for Automotive Workshops in Australia

The speed and the depth of vehicle technology is accelerating at a rapid pace. This is even more evident in many entry level European Cars, where the change in response to consumer taste and ever increasing expectations, is running at a lightning speed.

European Car invasion Andrew Ochudzawa

A much higher safety standards, and the drive towards a low emission, or at least carbon neutral future is evident in every car, make and model on the market. When considering the opportunities, which are being created for the industry and the so called European Invasion of Australian car market, it is hard to imagine that the many industry players (workshops in particular), will forever remain in the shadows of the big dealerships.

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG RamSpeed Andrew Ochudzawa

But, for the players to be relevant, they must first recognize the opportunity and the fact that the automotive industry and their workshops need to change, the timing and the stakes have never been higher.

Having been involved in an automotive industry over the last 7 years or so, initially as a founding partner of Spectrum Equity Fund II Inc. and more recently as a founder of RamSpeed group of companies, I was able to experience the amazing growth in volume of the European car sales & servicing in this country. In turn, this increase in volume was fueling the need for non-dealer based Specialists to emerge as a default, in a landscape once dominated by large auto franchises like, LubeMobile, NRMA MotorServe or K-Mart Auto Service which could no longer support the many sophisticated car brands. Customers now increasingly recognize that many of such franchisees lack the skill, enthusiasm or knowledge for the many specialist Euro brands like Porsche, Ferrari or even the less exotic, but range topping Mercedes AMG models.

Mercedes Porsche Ferrari Service RamSpeed Andrew Ochudzawa

The ‘good old’ mechanic, is no longer capable of handling the more complex and the more specialized service and repair jobs of the many euro brands, including some of the very entry level models. From dedicated diagnostic equipment and special tooling to access to repair manuals and factory settings, the demand for a more specialized, well trained and better equipped, independent European vehicle service centers is on a rapid raise.


RamSpeed Automotive European Car Workshop

A recent article in a Motor Traders Association of WA, featuring RamSpeed Automotive, and my comments on the subject, explains the many opportunities. The data backing up these claims will make you think a bit about your next car and your service center.

By. Andrew Ochudzawa

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