Life of Toxic Success

Nov 3, 2017

‘I’ve never felt so unhappy, as when I finally reached my success, for which I’ve worked my entire life’ – This is how Matthew Nicholas Biondi commented once as only the 2nd in history swimmer who won 7 medals during one of the Olympic Games.

In total Biondi won 11 medals across 3 Olympiads, including 8 gold medals. The 6’ 5” competitor was always smiling as he reached one professional success after another. After many years, he admitted how difficult it was for him to keep up the pretence of being unbeatable and above his own successes. Each time, when another medal was being hung around his neck, a strange thought was crossing his mind – that “success which I was dreaming about my entire life, is really an illusion”

The life of an Olympic hero became harder than he ever expected. He was convinced that success would make him resilient against daily stresses, will provide prestige and provide privileged life. Meanwhile, Biondi became his own slave.

Not until the efforts of his wife Kristen, also a well-known swimmer, did he free himself from a life focused on toxic success. Constantly insatiable, always wanting to achieve more and unable to be happy from his own achievements, he finally learned to feel happiness from living his everyday life. To feel happy with what’s here and now and enjoy a very new kind of sweet success, one of joyful engagements in activities that make you feel calm, full of contentment and in one with the environment.

The term “sweet success” was formed by Paul Pearsall who died in 2007, doctor of clinical and educational psychology, who committed his entire life to promoting an idea of “work-life balance”

Pearsall lamented on the fact, that many people of “success” are so absorbed with reaching their goals, that they do not notice the beauty of the life arround them, in the current moment. They don’t see anything wrong with giving themselves ambitious goals, hard work and sacrifices for the sake of reaching their goals. There is a lot to think about here and the concept of living in harmony, love and in the ‘current moment’, instead of constant focusing on reaching out towards illusion of better moments, in the future.

Andrzej Andrew Ochudzawa

Porsche 964 911 Carrera 2 – The Automotive Passion Continues

Apr 27, 2017

My Automotive Passion, the Porsche 911 Carrera story begins early and for one reason or another, sports cars have always dominated my interests and various personal pursuits. It’s not that they have ever been a center of my universe, but a healthy dose of automotive interest, combined with pursuit of various driving experiences, whether in business, private or professional life, the subject of cars always managed to weave itself nicely into my life.

Classic Porsche 911 Dream Andrew Ochudzawa

Since school, the Porsche 911 was a pinnacle of my automotive desires. While many of my friends liked the classic 80’s Italian icons like the Lamborghini Countach – with posters all over their bedroom doors, my humble 911 was the only thing I craved for.  As soon as I managed to obtain my P’s, I longed for that classic 911. But being a 17-year-old student, barely 3 years in the country, I did not see how I could own one of these for a little while. I recall my teacher saying “Ochudzawa, you are a long way away from owning this car”. – I bought my 1st Porsche 911 when I met my current Wife at the age of 25.

Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 Classic Andrew Ochudzawa

My 1st 911 – Porsche Carrera 2.7 – Picture: 1994

As years went on, I understood what the brand is about, what these cars represent and how they really feel in capable hands. Now in my 40’s my passion for classic 911’s runs deeper than ever before. Having had the privilege of owning and driving many of the latest model cars, I can honestly say that nothing can move me towards buying a brand new sports car. Classic, not plastic 🙂

One of the classics I’ve been enjoying more recently, is the 1994 Porsche 911 964 Carrera 2. The 964 model was considered to be more than 80% new as compared to its predecessor, the Carrera 3.2. The first 964s became available in early 1989 were all wheel drive equipped Carrera 4 models. Porsche decided to release rear wheel drive Carrera 2 variant to the range in 1990 and in my opinion, the Carrera 2 in manual, is the one to own.

My Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Andrew Ochudzawa

The 964 is one of the best looking and easily most desirable, late model air cooled classic 911’s. Having owned several air cooled 911’s the Carrera 2, 964 is a pick of the bunch. Classy early 911 lines combined with modern undercarriage and handling characteristics make this one of the best pre-water cooled 911’s I’ve ever owned. Although over 20 years old Porsche, the 964 feels as solid as ever. No rattles and no major diversions from when it left the Zuffenhausen Porsche factory floor. The nimble body design, combined with factory coil over suspension, makes this a beautiful car to drive.

By: Andrew Ochudzawa

The European Car Invasion

Feb 18, 2017

The speed and the depth of vehicle technology is accelerating at a rapid pace. This is even more evident in many entry level European Cars, where the change in response to consumer taste and ever increasing expectations, is running at a lightning speed.

European Car invasion Andrew Ochudzawa

A much higher safety standards, and the drive towards a low emission, or at least carbon neutral future is evident in every car, make and model on the market. When considering the opportunities, which are being created for the industry and the so called European Invasion of Australian car market, it is hard to imagine that the many industry players (workshops in particular), will forever remain in the shadows of the big dealerships.

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG RamSpeed Andrew Ochudzawa

But, for the players to be relevant, they must first recognize the opportunity and the fact that the automotive industry and their workshops need to change, the timing and the stakes have never been higher.

Having been involved in an automotive industry over the last 7 years or so, initially as a founding partner of Spectrum Equity Fund II Inc. and more recently as a founder of RamSpeed group of companies, I was able to experience the amazing growth in volume of the European car sales & servicing in this country. In turn, this increase in volume was fueling the need for non-dealer based Specialists to emerge as a default, in a landscape once dominated by large auto franchises like, LubeMobile, NRMA MotorServe or K-Mart Auto Service which could no longer support the many sophisticated car brands. Customers now increasingly recognize that many of such franchisees lack the skill, enthusiasm or knowledge for the many specialist Euro brands like Porsche, Ferrari or even the less exotic, but range topping Mercedes AMG models.

Mercedes Porsche Ferrari Service RamSpeed Andrew Ochudzawa

The ‘good old’ mechanic, is no longer capable of handling the more complex and the more specialized service and repair jobs of the many euro brands, including some of the very entry level models. From dedicated diagnostic equipment and special tooling to access to repair manuals and factory settings, the demand for a more specialized, well trained and better equipped, independent European vehicle service centers is on a rapid raise.


RamSpeed Automotive European Car Workshop

A recent article in a Motor Traders Association of WA, featuring RamSpeed Automotive, and my comments on the subject, explains the many opportunities. The data backing up these claims will make you think a bit about your next car and your service center.

By. Andrew Ochudzawa

Why DOW’s @ 20,000 Points + Markets and the Media When It Comes to Donald Trump

Jan 26, 2017

On Wednesday, the equity markets expired in a triumphant mood. The US Dow Jones index for the first time in history exceeded 20,000 points, while other markets followed the suit with many raising to new, near-record-braking levels.

Equally good mood can now be seen at many European markets. The stock market in Frankfurt rose 1.7% in Paris by 1.1% in Madrid, 1.9%, and in Athens by 2.1%. On one hand, this global improvement reflects a positive business sentiment fueled by a rebirth of hope and that the policy of the new administration of President Donald Trump will lead to faster economic growth. On the other side, the growth is also fueled (in part) by a better than expected company quarterly reports, recently reflected on Wall Street.

In many cases, stock markets have also been helped by final realisation and now materialization of earlier trading visions, that the market must soon exceed the DJIA index barrier of 20,000 points. Although this is only a psychological resistance, the defeat of this resistance can be regarded as a signal to buy shares. However, like anything in life and while we all follow the undisputed rules of physics, eventually what comes up – must one day come down. While I’m cautious about this situation (the possibly short/mid-term blip on the economic radar), it’s hard to contain the excitement of the amazing change fueling US and in turn, global economy.

But, while I and many others are excited about the future, the politically charged US mainstream media keeps adding fuel to the fire by suggesting doomsday for US and global economy. There is way too much hatred between mainstream media and the Trump administration, the many unresolved point scoring issues and the many straight out lies, dominating daily news cycles. One of the best summaries I have read this morning was done during the Common-Sense program by Neil Cavuto from the US Fox News program. Transcript from the program below.

By: Andrew Andrzej Ochudzawa

“What is the difference between the Markets and the Media when it comes to Donald Trump? –  Well, one trades up on what he says and one talks down what he said. One is making money betting on what he is doing, the other still trying to make sense of what he is doing.

DOW up 9.5% since Trump election Andrew Ochudzawa

One is seeing Green, the other is seeing red.

mainstream Media view of the market as red Andrew Ochudzawa

It is as if the mainstream media just cannot get Trump, so they continue to fight the same old battle going after trump – Now, that is consistent, as are their inconsistencies, like saying that there is Zero evidence in widespread voter fraud in the last election, but apparently, plenty of evidence that Russians have hacked that election.

Putin and trump media spin Andrew Ochudzawa

I guess this means Zero evidence voter fraud effected the election results, but zero doubt that Russians likely did effected those election results. So, hint (from mainstream) that the Russians may have altered the outcome, but unequivocally dismissed that the fake voting, may have been part of the outcome.

Whatever suits your case, or your bias. Question of whether Trump would accept the results of that election, before the votes have been casted, because you had your doubts, don’t even bother asking Hilary Clinton the same question, because you had no doubt, calling these different sets of facts “lies”, when it comes to judging the size of the crowds that was present, but there was nothing short of an innocent oversight when you overlooked the Martin Luther king bust in the office of this president.

Martin Luther King-bust-Oval-Office-Andrew Ochudzawa

No, no, no….Your facts are reliable, his are not, his skin’s thin, when he has a nerve to question your reporting – you’re not, when you have the nerve to question his questioning in your reporting. He’s a lose cannon, you’re just lose with the facts, he botches things on the 1st day in the Whitehouse, you not, when you say he would never make it to the Whitehouse. He’s petty when he calls you out on what you got wrong and calls it ‘Fake News’ – You’re Not!, when you report in saying that – it still insists in saying that you just “reporting the news”. So the New York Times can say “Trump Lies” on its front page, but Hilary Clinton, just “evolves”, explaining any position on any page.

Hillary Clinton Message is evolving Andrew Ochudzawa

Donald Trump’s crowds are crass and loud, but million women march-a-crowd are ‘brave’ and ‘virtuous’. SO you’ve all seen the reports “He’s a clown”, even though its your reporting that’s became a joke. He is too wrapped up in grudges, while you seem the one intent on settling the old scores, he won’t cut you braids… so you won’t cut him slack. Who’s small? – The media who is firing the shots or the President who is calling the shots? Look, you are free not to buy his facts, but you are not free to pick and choose your own facts. Just like you are free to go after his excuses, no, no..not your own, his are doozies, you make it delirious because as bad as some of his pole numbers look, yours look worse. All of the media, much worst, trust me – he is no saint, but you guys are hardly without a sin, because words matter, just like you insist crowds matter, but when you say “his don’t measure up” , even though during the campaign they ware breaking records, yet you never, ever brought it up.  NO, he’s reckless, you are righteous, his executive orders are overreaching, his predecessors ware “underreported”, face it, say it! – You hate this President..Scream out, admit it, you loved the last president, it’s OK – that guy, could almost do no wrong, this one, just about nothing right. You are free not to like it, so quit being shocked! when he doesn’t like you. Even he has the height to say, even crudely – You are just sneakier, faking it.  That’s why, for the moment, investors are buying his story, which is their way of saying He is a Buy, You are a Sell. Which is why they are shorting you! -I think its their way to say, they see no value at all in you – Kills it, doesn’t it? ” – end of transcript – For more comments from  follow the link.

DJIA Market Rally on Trump Presidency Andrew Ochudzawa

Above. DJIA Market Rallies as Donald J Trump becomes elected and announces major reforms.

djia history Andrew Ochudzawa


Nov 9, 2016

So finally, Trump wins!. Hillary Clinton gets the political footballs red card and is OUT!


Above: “Face of Defeat” Clinton capitulates

Contrary to most media controlled opinion polls and despite sophisticated election result simulations and most forecasts from so called experts, despite of all of the early choices for the most powerful political position in the world, the winner is the man outside of politics.

My 10 and 14 year old’s, have followed Trump for most of their life, having been subjected to the very early episodes of “The Apprentice”, back in 2004-2005, but tonight, was not for the kids and the stakes could not have been higher.

Having spent warm Wednesday evening in my hotel room placed firmly in the middle of the Democratic “Blue Firewall”, I ventured out deep into San Diego downtown, to absorb what was shaping up to be the most exciting election of my lifetime. With my dummy name tag pinned on (given to me by someone few days earlier in Vegas) proudly displaying on my shirt – Andrew Ochudzawa – “I Voted” I curiously stepped out to one of the many San Diego bars to follow the election action.


Above: “Trump Now” banner on a navy ship around San Diego bay – by Andrew Ochudzawa

Donald Trump has for a long time been saying that the surveys are underestimated, that the people are afraid to admit to voting for him, and reveal the true extent of support before the election – as was the case with Brexit. And, this is exactly what happened. The successor to Barack Obama had many times announced that the road to the White House will be led through a series of victories in the general, by voters at the Democratic industrial states affected by globalization and the outflow of jobs. Trumps rhetoric that hard negotiated trade agreements with China would win votes for Trump resulted with masses abandoning the democratic establishment of white workers. We won’t know exactly who voted for Trump, but in the main, it is the decisive victory of the industrial Pennsylvania and Ohio that gave Trump the White House.


Above: “Actual Moment” It was an election night, like no other – by Andrew Ochudzawa

The Trump presidency, for many observers, is scary and shocking. Election night was like a horror show with many, myself included, on an edge to the very end. I watched in disbelief as Clintons representative came out and told faithful supporters to go home, that the results would not be known tonight – how wrong ware they!

The question that everyone is asking is whether Trump is the beginning of a new trend in American and indeed world politics? Is it a retreat from the achievements of the movement for civil rights, women’s movements, and rights for sexual minorities? Is it the beginning of a new great closing of America? The end of the US as the “enlightenment” project?  I hope that Trump can navigate through all of this and show that smart, business-like management of economy and country as a whole, can exists outside of the old and predictable political elites and without bending too much to the left.

With Trumps win, we are entering the unknown. But I’m excited to see someone outside of the establishment, consider calmly what actually needs to happen to make America Great – Again.

By: Andrew Ochudzawa